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Why choose Mahindra Home Loans?

  • Simple documentation
  • Smaller EMIs
  • Quick sanction & disbursements
  • Pleasant & hassle free experience
  • Flexible policy
  • Extensive Branch Network

Wide range of Home Loans

Home Loans for new property and construction

Eligible customers looking to buy a house or property or construct their home on an existing piece of land are offered Home Loans.

Home Improvement Loan

Make your dream home a reality with the help of a home improvement loan to repair, renovate, or purchase new furnishings, fittings, and furniture.

Home Extension Loan

Avail loans to extend or add space to your home, such as additional rooms etc., available for both new and existing customers.

Top-up Loan

Existing customers can borrow a certain amount above and beyond their existing home loan amount.

Balance Transfer

With balance transfer, you can move your home loans from other financial institutions to Mahindra without much hassle to avail better interest rates.

How do we process a Home Loan?

loan application

Fill in your loan application form

loan application

Submit the required documents

loan application

Loan sanction after verification

loan application

Loan disbursed


Transforming the lives of over 12 lakhs+ customers, Mahindra Home Finance is the largest housing finance company serving rural India. Since 2007, we have worked towards providing convenient and low-cost housing loans across India. ‘Rise’ is a simple yet powerful word that defines the Mahindra Group and gives our brand meaning and purpose. Standing by this, we at Mahindra Home Finance believe in helping our customers Rise by empowering them to build a home for themselves. We not only help individuals or families but entire communities too. When we disburse a loan, it is not just a home that we help build. Instead, we help build an individual’s morale, self-esteem, a strong sense of optimism, and desire for a better future. At Mahindra Home Finance, we believe in the power of dreams, and we want to help you realize yours. So, whether you want to transform your current house into the home of your dreams or are hoping to buy your first home, we have a loan program tailor-made to suit your needs!



You can start the process of applying for a home loan in any of the following ways:

  • You can visit any nearest Mahindra Home Finance Branch
  • Simply filling details online by just clicking here
  • Give us a miss call at 7877778850

  • Bureau score
  • Type of Property
  • Income of the applicant
  • Age / Tenure of loan
  • Loan to property value
  • Existing EMIs/ Obligation

Following the first disbursement from Mahindra Home Finance, the users are required to start paying EMIs from the next month's due date.

Yes, but subject to loan eligibility

  • Guarantor is required when there is no co-applicant in the loan application.
  • It is also required in cash-salaried and defence-profile cases.

Yes, you are entitled to tax benefits under 80C, 24B and 80EE*

  • Blood relatives with a minimum age of 18 years.
  • Relationships can include Father, Mother, Brother, Spouse, Son, Son-in-law, and Daughter-in-law.

Note: The daughter can be taken only if she is unmarried.